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For my IDI final project, I decided to create a program that generates images based on data found from an input website. I think this project offers viewers an interesting perspective on how websites look in the back end. The patterns that my program generates are unique and repeatable for each individual website.
The Way It Works

1. A URL is inputted into the program. The program validates the URL and opens it for reading.
2. All the data (source code) from the site is grabbed. If there isn't enough data to generate the image, the program exits.
3. The data is broken into words and then transformed into numbers.

4. The numbers are used to create RGB color information to draw the blocks.

5. Using modular arithmetic, the program determines the unique size for each color block.
6. The blocks are then rendered into an image format that can be saved.
Program Link and Image Gallery

Try the program out:

Image Gallery:
Final Project Gallery
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